CARDECK - Can hold up to 34 cars, and 7 trucks / buses.



BUSINESS CLASS - Fully air conditioned, with an LCD TV and can accommodate up to 63 passengers. All with individual life vests.

PREMIUM ECONOMY - Fully air conditioned, with 2 LCD TV's and can accommodate up to 105 passengers. All with individual life vests.

SUNDECK/ECONOMY - Open area, and can accommodate up to 107 passengers. All with individual life vests.

CAFETERIA - With a wide selection of food and beverages.

ENGINE ROOM - Equipped with superior engines that are fully compliant with international maritime standards.

THE BRIDGE - With state-of-the-art navigation and control system.


FastCat was designed by Sea Transport Solutions of Australia, the leading designer of mid-speed catamaran vessels in the world.
FastCat was specifically designed to suit the weather and sea conditions in the Philippines.

FastCat is certified and classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), indicating compliance with the latest international safety rules and regulations. That is why FastCat is SAFER than other RORO vessels.

A typical RORO being used in the Philippines has only one hull. Unlike them, FastCat is a CATAMARAN with two hulls and 10 water tight compartments.
FastCat’s twin-hull design makes her more stable because her center of buoyancy and gravity is wider than a monohull.

FastCat keeps the water out of the vessel. This is why she doesn’t have a ballast tank like other RORO vessels. This makes her safer, lighter and faster than the rest.
FastCat can accommodate 275 passengers, including the disabled and the elderly. She also has a capacity of approximately 300 lane meters for trucks, cars, and other land vehicles. She can hold 34 cars, and 7 trucks / buses.
FastCat runs at an average speed of 16.5 knots. Therefore, she is faster than most RORO vessels in the Philippines. It can be attributed to the vessel’s design and because she is powered by four internationally-classed and ABS-certified Yanmar engines. Most RORO vessels only have one.

FastCat is the first and only pro-environment ferry engine in the Philippines, having passed the TIER 2 emission standards in sulphur and carbon dioxide.
In short, she performs better than most RORO engines and emits less harmful substances.

In case of emergency, a single engine mono hull RORO vessel has to stop the voyage and may not be able to return to port.
In contrast, FastCat has four engines and a twin hull. Therefore, it is better equipped to handle engine emergencies than most RORO vessels. FastCat is also the only ferry compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s safe return to port (SRTP) regulation.

FastCat has a clearance between the water and the hull of three meters. It is three times higher than most RORO vessels.
If a one-meter wave hits the vessel, water will NOT get inside the car deck or the hull, mitigating the risk of a major maritime incident.

FastCat is compliant with the international fire safety standards. Her passenger accommodation area and engine room are insulated with the highest and internationally-certified A60 fire protection system. FastCat is also equipped with a COMPLETE fire alarm system including the latest FM 200 inside the engine rooms. This will ensure the safety of the crew in case of an emergency.

For the passenger seats, FastCat uses E-leather, a fire-retardant, durable and environment-friendly material that is imported from the United Kingdom. This material is unique because it takes a longer time to combust compared to regular leather or other upholstery materials.

FastCat uses a state-of-the-art navigation and control system. She has two steering control systems. In case of failure, she can shift from automatic to manual steering. Therefore, FastCat is capable of taking the passengers safely to shore.

The vessel has two auxiliary engines that provide electricity. In addition, what makes FastCat really superior is the bridge control system. It is primarily powered by solar panels and wind turbines which makes her pro-environment.
All these state-of-the-art features simply mean that FastCat has a 100 percent redundancy on performance and safety, therefore, minimizing the risk of maritime incidents.

Also, it comes with clean comfort rooms for both men and women as well as the disabled.

FastCat’s design incorporates international, environmental and safety standards and she is rated to function and perform for 45 years.

FastCat is a safe and state-of-the-art RORO vessel. More importantly, our crew are competent and ready to be of service to the riding public.
Regular trainings are undertaken to keep abreast with the latest technology, information and international best practices to ensure the safety of passengers at all times. This also uplifts their level of competency and quality of service.