(As of March 9, 2017)

1. Ticketing/Bookings

a.) Where can we purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased at the booth of FastCat located at the port terminals. You may also book your tickets in advance, online, through our website ( or through our online partner partner and

b.) Do you give discounts on fares?

For promos, please check our announcements in our website ( or our Facebook Fan Page (Fast Cat Official).

Below are the standard fare discounts:

Children 3 years old and below FREE
Children from ages 3-7 years old 50% discount
Students 20% discount
Senior Citizens/ PWD’s 20% discount

* A Valid ID will be required to avail of the discounts.

c.) If the trip was cancelled, are tickets refundable?

In an unfortunate case that a trip was cancelled due to unavailability of the vessel, the ticket will be refunded to the passenger in full.

In cases where trips are cancelled due to non-conducive weather conditions, tickets will be applied on the next available trip after the ban to sail is lifted by the Philippine Coast Guard authorities.

d.) What documents do I need to present if I will board my vehicle on the vessel?

One must present the following documents:

1. Copy of the Official Receipt of the vehicle
2. Copy of the Certificate of Registration of the vehicle
3. A valid ID of the driver issued by the Government

2. Restrictions/ Prohibitions:

a.) What items are not allowed inside the vessel?

For public security and safety, the following are prohibited inside the vessel:

  • Free roaming / uncaged animals
  • Any deadly weapon or firearm
  • Explosive devices / chemicals
  • Corrosive substances
  • Hand carried flammable substances

b.) Is there a smoking area?

We regret to inform you that in any part of the vessel, all throughout the voyage, smoking is strictly prohibited.


a.) Is food available for sale at the vessel?

Yes, food may be purchased at our on-board snack bar.

b.) How early shall I be for my trip?

Passengers are expected to have bought their tickets at least forty five minutes (45) before the trip schedule and should be at the boarding area at least 30 minutes before departure time.

For rolling cargoes, please be at the port at least two (2) hours before your trip.

c.) We would like to advertise through your vessels, who do we contact?

Please contact our Marketing Department for your advertising needs:

Marketing Department
(632) 8429341

d.) How do we go about offering food products or items to be sold at your vessels

For inquiries please contact:

Philppine Philharbor Penta Archipelago CAPP Ticalaan (PPPACT)
Tel. No (632) 8315200

e.) What is the maximum weight for a hand-carry luggage?

The maximum weight allowed for a hand-carry luggage per person is 7 Kilograms. Any excess shall be left at your vehicle. Otherwise, you may ask for assistance from our area representatives for proper storage instructions.